Yomo exists today because it needs to. It was born out of extreme frustration with the worlds broken financial systems and the appeal of consumer debt, leading our generation to a never before seen level of retirement poverty.

Our team started off trying to help millennials save money for the important things in life with automated saving app PiggyPot. However we quickly realised that while it is great to be organised and reach your personal financial goals, there are much bigger financial problems lurking under the surface.

Problems like how we are going to be able to afford to live when we retire. Something we’re all too willing to worry about some other day.

Then there are the problems we often don’t even realise we have, or simply choose to ignore. Things like inflation sucking the value out of our money, or the diabolical national interest rate in the UK.

But the biggest problem of all is that none of these things are really our fault, they are instead a byproduct of our 21st century society. We are compelled to want the latest trendy expensive gadget, buy an expensive car on finance or mount tens-of-thousands of pounds in student debt.

And when it come the time to do something about it knowing what to do is anything but easy. Financial education in our schools was and still is severely lacking, so we’re usually left to ask a parent or Google our financial woes. Even then the options are confusing and often a hassle to set up.

The result usually being… we do nothing, until we absolutely have to.

Yomo exists today because we want help fix the financial future of our generation, before it’s too late.

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We’ve started by launching the Yomo iOS app which helps you develop a positive saving habit. From there we’re helping you understand the confusing aspects of money so you can make the best financial choices for you. And soon we’ll be helping you take your savings to the next level too, with transparent investment options you’ll understand, so you can grow your money for further. Want to know more? Learn how Yomo works.

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In addition we’re petitioning the UK government to help us break the debt trap for future generations, by making financial education compulsory in all UK primary level schools. We’d appreciate it if you could take a moment to sign the petition and spread the word.

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If you have any questions about what we’re trying to achieve at Yomo get in touch by email or on Twitter @get_yomo.

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